Обложка книги Хасая Алиева "THE SYNCHROMETHOD."

About the Key Method

How to cope with stress and mobilize inner resources at any time and in any place.


Letter to the President of Russia from Gunilla Kleis, translator from Finland.

If someone had told me eighteen months ago that I would be writing a letter to the President of Russia, I would have replied: “Me? Never! Why would I want to do that?” But I was wrong. When I was lucky enough to become acquainted with the simple and enlightening principles and techniques of the Key Method, they not only changed my life for the better, they made such an impression on me that I just had to write to President Medvedev and tell him that this unique method could also help other people.

“Dear Dmitri Anatolievich,

“My name is Gunilla Kleis, I am a citizen of Finland and am writing to you regarding a very important issue.

“I have long wanted to know how I might raise my personal efficiency without sacrificing my health, but I could never find the answer I was looking for.

“As it turns out, the answer was right around the corner all the time, in Russia. And since I know Russian, I was able to acquaint myself with the only fast-acting anti-stress training method in the world, The Key, and its author Doctor Hasai Aliev.

“Now I am translating Doctor Aliev’s new book into Finnish and Swedish and hope that soon not only people in Scandinavia, but also throughout Europe will be practicing these unique techniques. Because the ability to handle stress is the foundation stone of human health and personal efficiency in any activity.


“So, dear Mr. President, I am writing to you today to ask you to take part in creating a system that will enable the Russian population to learn stress resistance skills using this unique method and, along with Doctor Hasai Aliev, lay the foundation of a mental health system for Russia.”


Let me tell you how all this came about.

Every spring I go with my friends on a hunting trip to the Arkhangelsk Region in the north of Russia. This week out in the countryside in the company of good friends has always been the best kind of vacation for me. There, in Russia’s boundless and incredibly beautiful marshes, I am able to relax, forget about all my problems, and replenish my energy after a long and stressful winter.

One year, I was so exhausted and suffering from high blood pressure and a stomach ulcer that I was not up to going on my spring hunting trip. I was so disappointed.

But a good friend, a former colonel, encouraged me by saying: “Go ahead and come and I’ll show a method that will help you not only to remove your stress but to always be able to control the way you feel, and everything will be just fine!”

This is how I first became acquainted with the Key’s ideomotor techniques in the wild expanses of the Arkhangelsk Region. While everyone else went off to hunt, I stayed in the camp and “flew” over the marshes!

And not only did I “fly,” I also discovered resources within me beyond my wildest dreams.

I just could not understand how I was able to do this with the help of such simple techniques, so, after I returned home rested from hunting, I immediately wrote a letter to Doctor Hasai Aliev in Russia and asked him to explain how his Key Method works.

Mr. Aliev invited me to come to Moscow and added, “You will see, Gunilla, that you do not always have to go to the marshes to remove stress and mobilize your resources, because you will be able to do this at any time and in any place.”

Soon I found out that Doctor Aliev developed his Key Method as he worked with astronauts at the Gagarin Institute in Moscow, helping them to adapt to zero gravity conditions and training them in stress management skills.

Almost any conditions can be created on Earth, apart from weightlessness, which is usually simulated using the neutral buoyancy principle or by performing parabolic maneuvers in an especially equipped training aircraft. But since this kind of training is very expensive, Doctor Aliev began looking for similar mechanisms in other areas.

It soon became clear that Yogis practice something similar, which they call nirvana—a state of wellbeing accompanied by a feeling of weightlessness. But it takes long years of practice to reach this state.

After 30 years of research, Doctor Aliev discovered that this particular condition, which he calls a neutral state, is the foundation of all other health practices, only people did not know this. This is because it occurs spontaneously. In running, for example, it is called getting your second wind, in autogenic training, relaxation, in Oriental practice, meditation, and in religion, the blessing of prayer.

This state is achieved every time you engage in some activity and start to warm to your task, when you get in the rhythm and your movements becomes automatic. When this happens, your head clears, your body feels light, and everything you do takes the minimum amount of effort.

And this is all you need to eliminate stress, it is the Key to finding a state of being that allows you to manage your own inner resources. And you can reach this state here and now, right where you are.  The Key Method allows you to achieve a feeling of weightlessness, or any other desirable state needed to solve your problems, all you need to do is choose the movements you find easiest to do, those that quickly become automatic.

“So why then are not all Russians practicing the Key?” I asked Doctor Aliev.

And he explained: “Because for ten years, this method was used exclusively for training army psychologists and special task forces sent to hot spots, for working with the personnel involved in raising the Kursk nuclear submarine, and for rehabilitating the victims, both children and adults, of the terrorist acts in Kaspiisk, Kizlyar, Essentukakh, Moscow, and Beslan. And now the Key Method is being used to train the test pilots of the Mars-500 International Space Program.”


Now you probably understand why I had to write to the President of Russia.

It is my sincere wish that the Key Method become available to everyone and the simple fast-acting Key techniques become part of the daily activity of every person, just as we brush our teeth every morning and evening to keep our teeth strong and healthy and have a beautiful smile!

Gunilla Kleis,

Pietarsaari, Finland



Preface from the Author

I want to help people of the East and West to better understand each other with the help of the Russian Key Method, which could only have appeared in Russia, a country situated at the crossroads between the West and the East and in search of a balance between material and spiritual values.

The 21st century is not only a technological, it is also a psychological age.

Human evolution occurs through the assimilation of energy—from mechanical to electric and nuclear energy, and now the highest of energies, the energy of stress. The future belongs to those people who can cope with stress, and this can be each and every one of us.

The ability to handle stress is the foundation stone of human health and personal efficiency in any activity.

Even very well-trained Olympic athletes can lose their bearings under stress and let that long-cherished medal slip from their hands.

This is because we learn in one state of consciousness, while the knowledge and skills we acquire must be applied in all kinds of different circumstances.

Raising our resistance to stress is the answer to solving difficult problems. It also reduces the need for medication, lowers accident risk and fatigue, and raises self-confidence during exams, important business consultations, public speaking events, childbirth, and before any other demanding or emergency situation.

The Key Method comprises a whole set of different elements that include a new model of brainwork described in easy-to-understand terms; the Key Stress Test, which not only helps you to gage how tense you are at any moment, but also increases your ability to take successful action; and short exercises designed to release inner tension, restore strength, and open up previously hidden capabilities and develop desirable qualities.

The Key is particularly beneficial when time is at a premium and you are faced with a demanding situation that requires instant action, since it allows you to quickly calm yourself, gather your strength, and make an ingenious and wise decision to deal with the situation.

I sincerely hope that everyone who reads this book will quickly learn how to apply the skills this method offers, since the Key is a springboard to new heights of empowerment in your life.



Hasai Aliev, author of the Key Method



About the Author

About Hasai Aliev’s New Book

About the Key Method

Preface from the Author


Chapter 1. The Key to Yourself

In the 21st Century We Need Rapid Results

The Key is Innovative and Unique

The Three Basic Parts of the Key Method

A New Approach—A Paradoxical Conclusion and Unique Technique for

Raising Stress Resistance


Chapter 2. The Key Stress Test


Effective from the Word Go

For the First Time—A Test with Feedback

The Key Stress Test is Based on Two Phenomena

Do You Want to Learn How to Fly?

Chapter 3. Stress Is Not Tension

Stress is Overtension

Release from Tension and Relaxation

The Key Is a New Effective Method against Burnout

An Amazingly Simple Technique to Unwind


Chapter 4. The Key is Choosing the Movement that Best Harmonizes

with the Way You Currently Feel


You Always Instinctively Look for That Internal Balance


Chapter 5. Discharge and Recharge Are the Foundation of Good Health

and Creativity


How Does Discharge and Recharge Work?

Active Recharge

The Key Anti-Stress Training


Chapter 6. How to Choose the Key to Yourself

The Star of Self-Control

Every Endeavor Is Rewarded by a Payoff

The Key Guarantees a Payoff

Before and After the Key Techniques – The Key Stress Scale

On Training Conditions and Body Positions

The Language of Objectives

The Seven Basic Key Techniques

1. Moving Your Arms Apart

2. Bringing Your Arms Together

3. Raising Your Arms or Levitation

4. Flying

5. Turning

6. Head Movements

7. Haji-Murat’s Finger

The Aftereffect Stage

Continuing the Techniques

Where is the Payoff?


Chapter 7. The Key is a New Era in Practical Psychology

Key Techniques for Psychological Contact

Chapter 8. Synchronizing Gymnastics – Increase Your Health, Creativity,

and Longevity in Five Minutes


Synchronizing Gymnastics Consists of Five Simple Exercises

1. Slapping Your Back

2. The Cross-Country Skier

3. Twisting

4. Bending

5. Easy Dance


Chapter 9. Two Trusty Helpers



Ideomotor Vibrogymnastics


Chapter 10. When and How to Use the Key Method

Chapter 11. A Structural Evolutionary-Personal Model of Brainwork

How Does Thought Become Matter?

Control of the Dominant State

Gaps in Science about the Brain

A New Model of Brainwork

The State of Wakefulness

The Trance State

The Neutral State

Let’s Sum Up What We Have Learned

In Lieu of a Conclusion

Onward to Clarity!


Chapter 12. Fourteen Questions and Answers


Chapter 13. From Praise to Practical Assessment


Assessment of the Key Method’s Effectiveness


Chapter 14. History of the Method

From Weightlessness to a Feeling of Relief


Chapter 15. The Key is Free Inner Time

Free Sailing to Health, Happiness, and Success

Appendix: My Personal Success Diary

Appendix: Anguish Over a Spoiled Painting—Novell








About the Author

Hasai Aliev is a Professor, Ph.D. (Medical Sciences), author of patents, Honored Doctor of the Republic of Daghestan, and General Director of the Moscow Stress Management Center.

For ten years, he has been training army psychologists and special task forces sent to hot spots, worked with the personnel who helped to raise the Kursk nuclear submarine, and assisted in the rehabilitation of the victims of the terrorist acts in Kaspiisk, Kizlyar, Essentuki, Moscow, and Beslan, as well as of those who suffered from the forest fires that swept the Nizhny Novgorod Region in the summer of 2010. He has been involved in training athletes for the Olympic Games in China and the test pilots of the Mars-500 International Space Program.

Doctor Aliev is a member of the Psychological Support Council for employees of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, a member of the Moscow City Interdepartmental Council for the Coordination of Psychological Services, a member of the integrated group of scientific experts of the Russian yachting team, and a member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists.

Doctor Aliev’s books are being translated into many languages; he is listed as one of the five most popular Russian authors in Paris. His first book, The Key to Yourself, came out in 1990 in Moscow, Sophia, and Warsaw. It was followed by another seven books, including “Gde vzyat sily dlya uspekha” (Plumbing the Depths of Success), “Metodicheskoe rukovodstvo dlya psikhologov, proforientatorov i sotsialnykh rabotnikov” (Methodological Guide for Psychologists, Vocation Supervisors, and Social Workers), “Svoe litso, ili Formula schastya” (Your Identity, or The Formula of Happiness), and “Metodicheskoe rukovodstvo dlya spetsialistov detskikh tsentrov reabilitatsii” (Methodological Guide for Specialists of Children’s Rehabilitation Centers).

Specialists who have taken Doctor Aliev’s self-control courses work in Russia, the U.S., Canada, Israel, Italy, Australia, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and the Netherlands.


About Hasai Aliev’s New Book

The world has long been waiting for easy and fast-acting techniques for raising resistance to stress.

Rapid stress management skills are what everyone needs today when free time is at a premium, life is fast-paced, and tension runs high.


I became acquainted with Hasai Aliev more than 25 years ago, when, as a young budding scientist, he elicited the help of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of the Soviet Union to promote the broad application of the psychological discharge method he had developed for employees of industrial enterprises.

At that time, the method was successfully implemented at several defense enterprises of the microelectronics industry. Later, the method was substantially refined and formed the basis for several new methods.

Hasai Aliev’s new book The Key… describes the principles and techniques of the Key anti-stress training method designed to raise resistance to stress for successfully coping with future stressful situations.

This new vector differs from the existing rehabilitation practices in that it is carried out in conditions close to reality, thus enabling people to quickly and easily liberate and mobilize their inner resources, reach a state of relaxation, and restore their energy. No special comfortable conditions are required; it can be performed at any time and in any place, even under the social, physical, information, and time pressures that are frequently part and parcel of present-day life.

With his Key Method, Dr. Hasai Aliev has made an invaluable contribution to contemporary psychotherapy and practical psychology, without which the development of these fields of science would not be the same today.

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation